Let’s start at the very beginning….

Oh my, I’m channelling Julie Andrews, and this morning I was channelling Julia Child while I chopped a bunch of onions.

Change the channel, this is my story…

I had another blog, another channel, you may have found your way here from there. I decided that my life and my direction has changed so decidedly that a blog called Will Work for Fabric does not at all reflect where I am or where I am going.

So here I am, I am a full time mom of three men, well four if you count the mr wonderful, I am a full time Project Manager with a major financial institution, I am chief cook and bottle washer, coach, webmaster, social secretary, technical support, laundry service, you know all the same things on your list.

But make no mistake, I carve out a little snippet of everyday to hold a piece of fabric in my hand.

So follow along, some weeks the progress is slow (or non-existant) and some weeks I abandon some of the other jobs and dive into the giant heap of projects in progress.

Here’s some of what’s in the works…

This one needs a border , I bought something that wasn’t just right. No sense putting a border that isn’t going to play well with the rest of the quilt….


And another work in progress for next Christmas…


So there’s some of the things I’m working on….more to come.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you will come back soon.

hugs and stitches!

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4 Responses to Let’s start at the very beginning….

  1. Ginger Scott says:

    It is nice to see you back to blogging! Good luck with the new format. I would like to make a suggestion: please consider changing the font you are using; while it conveys a hand-written note, it is very hard to read on the computer screen (even when I enlarged it by 125%).

  2. Taryn says:

    I have full time work demands plus family so can really relate to your “progress is slow.” I am happy if I make one block a day. I stick a little square of fabric on each day on my calendar so I can at least pet that and dream about quilts. It is good to see you blogging again.

  3. Mary Burns says:

    Hi Megan, have missed you, glad you are doing well, Oh I just love your Aunt Millie Quilt! WOW is all I can say, so Beautiful….you should never ever stop sewing! You are soo talented! Hugs, Mary

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