a small shopping bag (for a change)

of course I could not get away with not buying anything at the show this weekend, ESPECIALLY when my mother jumped right in and started buying goodies leaving me in the dust!

but as with so many of us, I don’t really Need anything, other than a big bag of Time to finish my projects.  So I only came home with some little purchases.

here’s a new little pattern and wool to make a bag from Attic Heirlooms (don’t you love them???)


and of course, I am a sucker for notions, so I had to pick up the new Karen Kay Buckley scissors.  They seem like a good idea and well….baaaah (I’m a sheep)


but I did actually finish another block of my Scandinavian Christmas (by the very talented Lynette Anderson), so I guess a little bag of time must have slipped in with the other goodies!!

Imagewell, wish me luck, I’m off to NY tomorrow, which if Sam Champion is right, will temporarily be renamed the Windy City.

hugs and stitches!



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3 Responses to a small shopping bag (for a change)

  1. LoriD says:

    Love the pattern. I msut get back to my Christmas quilt. Yours is looking wonderful! Have fun in the city.

    • Effie Powell says:

      So glad youve continued on blogging! Missed your writing over the winter months, and the inspiration!

  2. Jenny M says:

    I followed the ‘crumbs’ and found you new blog. Your Scandinavian Christmas is coming along beautifully.

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