Professional Procrastinator

I am supposed to be working on another quilt.

It has a deadline.

Is it started?  oh no, it is not.

But I’m having quilters bloque.  (since using the word “block” could be construed as actual progress, I’ve invented a new word for the occasion of not actually doing anything)

So why not start another project?

See, last year I went to my strips and made 2 braid lap quilts….(pattern from Bonnie Hunter’s book)


from the leftovers, I started to put together 9 patches.  So now that I have a pile, let me see how they look, since I didn’t have anything else to work on…


what do you think….is the red too much?

Better let it hang out on the wall for a bit, hate to rush into any actual sewing….

hugs and stitches!


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4 Responses to Professional Procrastinator

  1. Mary says:

    I like the red. Looks great!

  2. Phyl says:

    I like the red, too! Good job.

  3. Marei Montalvo says:

    Red is NEVER too much! I think it looks great with your patches.

  4. LoriD says:

    I’m loving the red!!
    What a fun braid quilt too!!

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