spring fever?

the weather got warm here in New Jersey for two whole days, so Jiminy Cricket, I got bitten by that need to re-do , rearrange, repaint, re-everything in my house, or at least clean.  (or can I move to Jenny’s house?)


Step One is to make a decision.  See, years ago, I took over the dining room.  Not just set up on the dining room table, I got rid of the dining room table!    Since then, I have had a child move out and a bedroom freed up in the upstairs.  And I am getting kind of tired of seeing the mess creative stylings of the sewing room every time I come in the house.  So now the question is….do I move upstairs?  reclaim the dining room for grown up dining?


My DH says ” but we’ll never see you”…

would you move?

while I ponder, I guess I could sew some blocks together and try to figure out what color for the setting triangles….

or maybe I should take a nap and let this spring fever   re-do bug pass

hugs and stitches!


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3 Responses to spring fever?

  1. I’d move it upstairs in a heartbeat. It’s nice to be able to just close the door. You really need to occupy that room before said offspring comes back to re-occupy it. LOL

  2. LoriD says:

    I think your own room will be fantastic!! When the family is home I usually make sure I have a hand project to work on cause I’m not going to be sewing away upstairs by myself when everyone is downstairs.

  3. Hi Megan, like you I took over the formal dining room and like the fact that it’s close to family and the kitchen, but then, I don’t have an upstairs, let alone a spare bedroom to move into!! Oops, that was no help, sorry! Like your quilt.

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