Springtime in New York

You know, sometimes, when you live so close to New York City, you can forget how wonderful it is to just take a run over for a few hours to explore the many treasures, but there is no better time than when you can see the daffodils in Herald Square and people are eating in little tables in front of Macy’s, when you get to peel off your jacket as you walk down the street…..

Oh and of course, you have to actually go inside some of the stores to be able to take home some of the treasures. So you go here


And you buy some of this

And then you go down the block and maybe get some beads


And a little stop at Martha’s fav Tinsel Trading….

Tinsel Trading Teasures

Tinsel Trading Teasures (Photo credit: cmkalina)

And then of course it would be rude to be in the neighborhood and not stop by the City Quilter right? So I picked up ahhhhh(angelic tones) this book….


And then jump on the train, bing bang boom, you’re home in time for people to ask “what’s for dinner”.

That’s a good day! Hope you had a good day too!

hugs and stitches!

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1 Response to Springtime in New York

  1. What a delightful day! You scored some great goodies too. I would never have envisaged New York like that – thanks for the insight. You’ll luuuuurve Kathy’s book!!

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