Streaking (in a perfectly acceptable way)

Sometimes you get a streak going.

This weekend  started  a “get it done”  streak….I hope !!

So I finished the top of my Leftover braid Nine Patch bed quilt. I think the borders make a world of difference…


It’s always a struggle for me when the inside of the quilt is done … seems like the borders should magically get done in no time at all, but really, it takes time to get them right, to square them up, to piece 200 little scraps together.  but I pressed forward…and there you go, or as they say “Bob’s your Uncle”


I even finished up the binding on two little quilts going over to Bumble Bean Basics for The Child and Family Institute…can you help too?



Now….if I can keep this streak going….let’s see what other trouble I can get into!

hugs and stitches!


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1 Response to Streaking (in a perfectly acceptable way)

  1. LoriD says:

    I love it and the border really makes all the difference in this quilt!
    I adore the ric-rac you used for the stems in the other quilt. What a great idea.

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