Hexie fever

Well, I was on a work trip to Columbus last week, during weather, and for a while it felt a little like Columbus was the new Gilligan’s Island,….we were stranded, flights were cancelled, next available flights were two days later….clearly a time when either alcohol or chemistry would be needed to calm the nerves.

But never fear, the hexies are here!! (and a large glass of wine)

By the time we actually boarded a flight, I was frazzled, I was like frazzle rock, or frazzle wrecked. But I pulled out my hexies and started to sew. The hexies were with me because I had no other handwork that was in a state to travel. But once again, handwork saved me on the flight from shaking the whole way from Ohio to NJ.


And now I just might be a little hooked on hexies. Although the man next to me had a snarky “arts and crafts” comment when I pulled out my glue pen and started prepping more flowers…what. Ev.


But I have so questions….do I just start sewing my little flowers together as I finish them so I can re-use the papers, or do I need a couple of packages of papers to be able to really make this quilt grow?

I guess I will need to pay more attention, I bet I’m not the only one at the airport working on paper piecing!

Hugs and Stitches!

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4 Responses to Hexie fever

  1. Cute flowers! I’d start putting them together – much easier on the go than facing it all at the end. After a while, as it starts to grow, you can choose your colour options too. Have fun – looking forward to progress reports! Great flight distraction method!!

  2. Sandy White says:

    Love hexies too. I’m working on Landscape with hexies now. Love your work. For landscaping, I make them all first and put them on a design wall and then start piecing. If I were doing flowers, I’d probably finish each flower as I went. Depends… Have a good time with your hexies.
    Sandy White

  3. Ginger Scott says:

    You could have used your glue pen to seal the snarky man’s lips!!

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