Our real life quilt show…

This past weekend was our guild show and it was Bee-You-Tea-FUL!


The men in my house don’t get the whole quilt show thing…..Twin # 2 says ” you’re going to another quilt show, haven’t you seen them all?”…..ummmm, what?

it was so great to see all the work that guild has been doing, almost all of them I had not seen before.




oh look, there’s one of mine….done 18 hours before drop-off and tortured me every step of the way, but it looks nice hanging there with a ribbon.


And right as you walk into the show, there’s another of mine


um, yes, that’s a Best of Show- Machine Quilted ribbon on it. And Best Hand Applique.

I’m kvelling.

If you’d like to know more about this quilt, jump back tohere

And right there in the next front panel was the most amazing Best of Show – Hand Quilting by Dawn Hayes. The piecing is perfection and her quilting stitches are so tiny and even and perfect!!!


well of course I had to visit the vendors, it would be rude not to.

I picked up these little ones—only 2 1/4″ long!! perfect for travelling.


and because someone I know has standing instructions to “buy me whatever you think I need”, there just might be another pair in my package.

It’s always so energizing to go to the shows, to see the old friends, make some new ones, and then run home to work on those lonely projects that have been ignored, or maybe start a new one for next show.

I came home and prepped some hexies…..just in case another trip comes up, I have a project to take along.

Hugs and Stitches!


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7 Responses to Our real life quilt show…

  1. Hi Megan. That was a lovely show. I was there on Saturday with a friend.


  2. Congratulations!! How exciting! Looks like a lovely show.

  3. KinNJ says:

    The show will leave me inspired for months to come.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful quilts!
    Congratulations on your ribbons. They are all treasures.

  4. LoriD says:

    Looks like a great show. Congratulations on the well deserved ribbons!!

  5. Hi Megan, Congrats on the best of show. I hope you like and appreciate the quilting. What show is this?
    Margaret Gunn

  6. Rebecca Stewart-Bartell says:

    Well done on your ribbons, what kind of machine do you use to do your machine quilting?

  7. Eileen Dennery Mannion says:

    Wow … congrats on the win! Would love to see a close up of the quilting on your winning quilt … did you quilt it yourself??

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