In 6th grade my kids had to do an exercise in class called Where I’m From. It was a wonderful writing assignment and provided a little view, for a moment in time, into who they were, who they thought they were and where they came from.

So here’s my homework assignment:

where I’m from
by Megan Johnson

I am from a house full of sisters and the eldest brother
I am from a long tradition of marriage,
Of home
Of practicality, of utility
I am from a house full of using your hands and using your head

I am born and raised and proud to be from The Garden State.

I am from humor and angst and joy and all the things that come from 30 years of marriage,
from the delivery room, twice, with three bundles of joy,
from the kitchen,
the office,
the classroom,
the driver seat,
the soccer field.

I am from “what time are we going to the quilt show?”

I am a work in progress.


1 Response to About

  1. Jackie says:

    Megan! Great to bump into your blog while I am in my kitchen, supposedly preparing supper before Boy Scouts tonight.

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