My ever diabolical plan

Our summer vacation this year is a whirlwind visit to California. And you know there’s a quilt shop or two there…

so part of our trip was from San Francisco to Yosemite, crossing the state and passing right by Livermore. The males in the entourage think it’s co-incidence….(and now you know my diabolical plan).

So of course , we stopped here


And the men went down the street to WeinerSchnitzel…no surprise here!

And we met up up and had a coffee together and decided that Livermore is a town we could definitely live in, if it weren’t so dang hot!

To be polite, I made a few purchases…


I could not resist any pattern called For the Love of Baskets, and as a special treat, the designer of this pattern, the very talented Lynn Wilder was working at the time!

Now the hard part is going to be resisting starting this project instead of finishing my other projects!

Hugs and Stitches!

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Done, then Dine

Things are getting DONE around here!!

The deadline quilt was finished up and then right over to the wonderful Ms Cheryl for quilting before I could even get it up on the wall for a photo.

And one more that needed to get done before vacation.



Phew! ¬†now I can focus on maybe packing a thing or two, cleaning the house, and maybe even make dinner. ¬†Better yet, maybe I’ll make reservations!

Hugs and Stitches!


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One more?

I’m in the home stretch now on my deadline quilt. But the dilemma du jour: to border or not to border?

The pattern by the brilliant Blackbird Design ladies has the quilt finishing with the sawtooth border but I’m thinking another border might seal the deal ((can you tell I’m watching Million Dollar Listings?)


What do you think?

Hugs and Stitches

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