I’m so behind….

As usual, I’m behind on so many fronts…and my posting here is no exception. I bet you know how that feels.

A few weeks back, a bunch of the girls made our way down to the PNQE. Of course, there were some purchases, mostly patterns. I’m trying to resist on the fabric front, wanting the TFNIQ (total fabric not in quilts) number to decrease. (oy, can you tell it’s budget season at work?)

But I wanted to share some of my favorites at the show…


Love anything with little circles


And here’s more


And don’t you love this use of ricrac?


And this one was so amazing, you wanted to reach out and touch it (but those white glove ladies were patrolling!)


And of course I love all sorts of appliqué


But I was especially amazed by this one, the story card says this one has more than 1000 little tiny pieces.


So there you go, some of the many beauties at this show.

Hope you enjoyed the view!

Hugs and Stitches!

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1 Response to I’m so behind….

  1. Cathy says:

    Great term, TFNIQ!

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